A network of local and regional Game HUBs & Clusters in Europe

The League of European game hubs and clusters wants to increase the impact of regional support for early-stage game companies. We prioritise hands-on engagement, knowledge-sharing, and collaboration to tackle common challenges. This initiative empowers regional game hubs to scale up support efforts collectively, maximising impact within their local ecosystems and allocated resources. Discover the plans for the LEAGUE and how their joint activities could benefit you, too.

Establish a community for the resilient
Gamedev Industry

Empowering European Game Developers

Connect with game hubs and clusters across Europe, enhancing support for game developers everywhere.

Joint Activities and Funding Opportunities

Collaborate on exciting joint activities and unlock new funding opportunities, maximizing the impact of your local projects.

Transnational Activities Support

Participate in or promote at least two engaging cross-border activities annually, expanding your network and impact.

The League initiated
by BSG GO! is destined to be passed down to community

BSG GO! builds and supports the gamedev industry and creation of The League focusing on creating a resilient gamedev HUBs community to pass down the leadership after a kick-off period.  

Activities planned annualy
HUBs in The League so far